What your dance moves say about your life

Have you experienced completely letting loose to music and moving your body in any which way it wants, without a care in the world? Jeez, I love to do that, whether it’s at home, on the dance floor, messing with my mates or entertaining myself in the mirror, it feels good.

Did you know that life has a dance too and if you listen hard enough you can hear its beat? Then when you begin to move to its rhythm you can leap effortlessly into what you do want and gracefully out of what you don’t want.

Can you hear your music and how are you dancing to it?

The rigid, awkward toe tapper

You worry a lot about what people think and at times feel trapped in your own life. You’d love to just let your hair down and move freely in your life but you’re concerned about making bad decisions and everything going wrong.

The out of time try hard

You push your way through life working as hard as you can and achieving as much as you can. You rarely say no to people and as a result you feel overwhelmed. You are tired a lot and know you need to slow down but you just can’t seem to find your flow.

The in the groove beat feeler

Life feels effortless for you. Nothing really fazes you and you can handle twists and turns with grace. Life feels like it’s always playing your favourite track and it quite often stops you in the moment to appreciate what you have.

This week I challenge you to find the rhythm of your life and see what happens if you allow yourself to just move with it. Do you need to slow down, move more or side step? The steps you need to take are all there if you listen hard enough, surrender control and dance through life like no one is watching.

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