From cancer to catwalk and Jade Jagger’s rising star

Angharad came to me to master balance in her life. She’s ambitious and hard working which can play havoc with your down time. She’s an entrepreneurial spirit through and through, so it was hard for her to pin herself down to doing just one thing. With three businesses already on the go, during the winter of 2014 she decided to start just one more, her own fashion label.

It wasn’t until spring to 2015 that I was to learn she had survived cancer twice and through that survival she was inspired to create her beautiful collection of Ibiza inspired fashion.

I moan when I get even the slightest of colds and I had not heard Angharad use what she had been through as an excuse once.

She taught herself how to sow via YouTube videos and this year she has been named rising star in Ibiza by Jade Jagger, she has won two awards including the people’s choice by Silk Fred and is stocked in nearly every boutique on the island.

This interview reveals the good and the bad of such positive determination and the lessons she’s learnt and still learning around managing your wellbeing alongside such a burning desire for success.
If life ever gets you down and you think you can’t succeed, listen to Anghard’s story now…

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From losing 6 stone to being wholeheartedly healthy w/Lydia Kimmerling & Laura Agar Wilson

What I love about Laura is her loving approach towards food, being wholeheartedly healthy and exercising “It’s all about your relationship to food” she tells me, as I get rather excited about speaking with someone who has the same outlook to me when speaking to clients about weight loss.

Laura is a health coach, blogger and founder of wholeheartedly healthy. You can’t help but be impressed by her 6 stone weight loss story, however she explains that the happy “after” photo on her site isn’t necessarily a true  reflection of what she was feeling on the inside.

As she starts to explain that her original weight loss became some what of an obsession, I’m so pleased to hear that now, looking glowing as a mother of her baby boy, Finley, I discover that she still eats cake and never deprives herself.

So how does she stay wholeheartedly healthy and maintain her weight loss if she’s not in the gym all the time and she still eats what she wants?

Her wholeheartedly healthy approach is something she is regularly asked to share with readers of Cosmo, The Times and Grazia and you can find her recipes in her book Grains As Mains. Even Gok Wan has given her outlook towards healthy living a thumbs up.

I interviewed her for my Life Cleanse members to discover what her secret is and what her own personal challenges have been to going from feeling overweight and unhappy to a successful business woman who loves herself and her body

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Strengthen your intuition with these simple “workouts”

You are intuitive.

We all have intuition

Intuition is like a muscle that needs flexing. If you don’t use it, it becomes weak and feels non-existent. It can become your most valuable tool in life, if you choose to use it.

A lot of the time, we use it to sense something bad might happen, that is when it speaks to us most clearly, however you can use it on a daily basis to help create an amazing life.

Follow these “workouts” for a super strong intuitive muscle, you can rely on to power up your life, anytime you need it.


The first thing to know about intuition is that you have to look after yourself to be able to sense it. It is after all, YOU. So if you’re stressed, run down or burning the candle at both ends your intuition will become distant. You need to give it the space to be heard.

Think of intuition a bit like a stroppy mystical character that only wants to make you smile. You have to give it the attention it needs.

When you do, it will dance and play with you while you’re spellbound by its magic and when you don’t its baffling ways will mess with your head making you question your every being.

Your intuition likes to be worked. Take it to the gym. Give it tasks. Ask it to answer questions for you. Use it to guide you.You have to look beyond what doesn’t seem obvious. Your intuition will not send you an email or text message, remember it’s mystical.

Ask it what animal you would be or what colour and then research their meanings. Or pick up a book and randomly point to a sentence. Then use your intuition to guide the meaning for you. There is meaning in everything if you choose to see it.


You have to work with your intuition and run towards it instead of expecting it to run to you. Remember, it can be a bit stroppy.If you don’t know where it’s gone, look for the signs. It will always leave you mystical signs to decipher and it will always help you if you ask for help deciphering them because it wants to make you smile.

So if you bump into three Lydia’s one day, ask it if that was a sign and what it means.

If you get your wallet stolen twice in one month ask it what that was all about. If you keep having the same dream, put it to your intuition and ask for answers.


Like every well-honed muscle it likes to be appreciated. When we appreciate something it appreciates in value. So if you show it some love, it will grow.Thank your intuition on a daily basis for guiding you. Be honest, if you’ve not been hanging out for a while, apologise for your absence.

“Hey intuition, I know I’ve been a bit distant, I’m sorry, I promise it’s not you, it’s me. I like to get stuck in my head sometimes and you can seem a bit off so I don’t bother.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m up all up for getting to know each other again and that I totally appreciate you being there for me, even when I mess up thinking I don’t need you”


So this is a bit different to stretching out your calf muscles on the back of the bike after spinning.I’m talking about stretching your capabilities. Start reading about intuition or watching videos on YouTube. Begin to test it, ask friends to ask you questions about them and go with the first thing that comes to mind.

That is the most important thing to remember, your intuition always speaks first, then your mind.

So go with your first answer. It might not make sense; you might get a feeling or an image. Just say what you sense and then use your intuition to decipher it.

Now go pump some intuitive iron… 

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One Surprising Mistake That Can Ruin Your Relationship

When I was growing up, dreaming of meeting my prince and being swept off my feet (which has happened by the way) I remember a few adults explaining to me that relationships are all about compromise.

Take a minute to think about this. So when you meet someone, you’re supposed to share your one precious life with them and your happiness? A life half lived with half of the happiness, all for the sake of a “happy relationship”? Confused! No wonder nearly 50% of marriages in the UK end in divorce.

So, what do you think?

Do you do a lot of compromising for the sake of a happy relationship? Or have you in the past? How has that compromise really made you feel? How much emotion have you pushed down, brushed under the table or convinced yourself doesn’t matter? It doesn’t just go away; it bites you on the bum one day.

As you may have guessed, I don’t do compromise. Does that make me a cold hearted b&!%h? Hahaha, I’m laughing as I write this because I get to reply to my own question, so obviously I’m going to say no. But seriously I’m not…honestly.
I do adapt to create space for my partner’s wants, of course I do, but it’s the word compromise itself and the grey, wishy washy, half heartedness it bringswith it, that I have a problem with.

Here’s my 3 step process for making happy choices rather than half hearted concessions.

The dictionary definition of compromise is:

An agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

So first of all, to say that a relationship is all about compromise says that you are in a continuous state of dispute. That’s not my idea of fun.

Lots of dispute means lots of compromise, which means lots of concessions. You make too many concessions and one day you wake up feeling pretty resentful and asking yourself “Where did my life go and who the hell am I?” Meeting halfway + being half happy = your life half lived.

Two halves make a whole lot of trouble

When you agree to be in a relationship it does not mean that you become half a person deserving only half the happiness. I believe that a partner does not complete you and that you do not owe
them half of your happiness.

We are complete before meeting someone but too often we don’t realise that and look to our partner to validate our greatness, hence feeling they complete you. The problem with compromise is that we convince ourselves we’re making a choice we’re happy with, however in reality the choice has been taken away all together.

“We have to compromise” says you have to change how you feel about something to please someone else. Take away someone’s choice and you take away their personal power. Different to the same power you may associate politicians fighting for; this power is to feed the fear of weakness. Personal power is how you show up for yourself on a day to day basis, so your life feels light, exciting, buzzing, free and alive.

3 Step Guide

This is what a Life Cleanse stands for and how you feel after working on a premium programme with me. So what can you do instead of compromising? Here’s my 3 step guide for making happy choices instead of half hearted concessions

Don’t make the goal to compromise
Don’t say “let’s compromise” because what you’re actually saying is you’ll compromise on your happiness to make them happy. The word already that you don’t really have a choice, which ultimately takes away your personal power and can cause resentment at a later date. Instead of calling it a compromise both agree that you need an outcome to move forward and then make the goal to come back with a choice that you’re completely happy with, rather than a concession.

Listen to your heart and not you head
This will help you to find an answer that you’re truly happy with and to also come from a place of love for your partner, ultimately helping you make a decision you’re truly happy with that also includes your partner’s desires.

Choosing to be 100% happy with a choice that benefits both of you gives you back your power rather than feeling like you’re having to compromise.

Once you’ve made your choice, let it go and move forward
Really tune into how you’re feeling and confirm that you’re happy with the decision you’ve made. If you’re not happy then go back to the drawing board.
Nobody really knows how they‘ll feel about something in the future. You can only tune into and know what you feel right now. If in the future it feels that you need to make change, then you’ll feel comfortable with the choice you made because you were 100% happy at the time. This means there’ll be no space for resentment and your relationship will stay happy and healthy.

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Could your over planning be blocking your biggest success?

How much do you live by a plan?

Or how often does not having a plan hold you back from the success you want?

We all like to have some idea of what is ahead of us and planning to a certain degree is necessary to make sure what needs to happen, happens, but what about when a plan goes wrong?

I’ve always been a big planner

I needed a plan to get me through life, it offered me a sense of security and I guess it made me feel like I was in control.

I’ve come to learn the true benefits of planning, how and when it serves us and when it’s time to just let go and ride the wave. From my own experiences and from the 100’s of hours I‘ve coached and heard from others I know when planning can be GOOD, BAD or just downright UGLY.

I believe there is an art to us using planning to our advantage, so if you love to plan, hate to plan, need a plan or plan too much, check out the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of planning and discover how to use it to get more of what you want from life.

The Good

When planning serves you well
1. To get you off the starting block when you need to create change
2. When you need to make sure an event or situation runs smoothly
3. Short term planning that gives you an idea of how something will pan out


When planning limits you
1. You feel you need a plan so much that it can stop you from moving forward
2. You stick so closely to the plan it prevents you from seeing greater opportunity
3. When things don’t go to plan it breaks you and leads you to believe you’ve failed


What to do when planning goes wrong
1. Let go and relinquish all control of the plan
2. Feel and sense the direction life wants to take you
3. Look for the opportunity to grow from the situation so that it becomes a positive

When do you use planning for the good or the bad and what do you do when it turns ugly?

We’d love to hear from you, leave your comments below…


Dream of running your own online business? Lydia Kimmerling w/ Alicia Orre

When it comes to making your online business work for you, Alicia Orre knows her stuff. With an army of online followers and her blog being named one of the top 100 business blogs in the UK, I wanted to get some of her most desirable business tips so that I could share them with you.

She’s currently going through a little business spruce up and rebrand, so before she goes full on public and transcends from Alicia Cowan to Alicia Orre (with very exciting times ahead) I pinned her down to talk about her new message. Of course Alicia is still Alicia,  the up beat London gal hot on online business marketing, but her new message is even more shiny, cool and desirable.

Alicia Orre says; “In a modern business, you come first. The traditional, conventional way of working is outdated. What’s the point of working your tail off if you miss your children growing up and can’t go on holiday? To me, there’s nothing sexier than helping entrepreneurs confidently take action that will achieve big freakin’ results for their business and life.”

In this interview we talk about what it takes to be a modern online business owner who’s set their business up to suit their lifestyle, the lessons Alicia Orre learned along the way as she shaped her business from Virtual Assistant to Online Business Marketing Expert and now Modern Lifestyle Business Mentor, plus the first step you can take to make your dream of running your own online business so that you can work when and where you want.

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The moment the light flicks on and brings a sparkle back to the eyes, fired by the soul burning fully present, like the final piece to the jigsaw completing the center of the heart.

The “who” of you, now comfortable in the only home it’s known, unlike the awkward, unwelcomed visitor intruding into the mind, body and soul with its limitations and self sabotages you once knew.

Life just got good, seriously good, no more sleep walking, living on automatic, a life half lived.

I’ve seen it many times

When individuals take back control of their lives, releasing themselves from the trappings of their minds, to enjoy the real purpose of life, living free and following their passions, purpose and path.

It can take anything from one session to hundreds of sessions, but when it happens, you know about it. Energy is high, you’re buzzing, walking an inch off the ground.

Then you get really thirsty for knowledge and hungry for more information.You can devour a book in a day. “More, more, more, tell me more about how I can connect to the best version of me” You want to read everything that will support what you’re feeling and take you higher.

This began to happen to me 5 years ago and took real shape 2 years ago. I want to share with you three books that helped me shape my dream life, living in Ibiza, working when and where I want, enjoying the sun, sea and sand and feeling completely happy in my own skin.

Life is amazing 🙂

Here’s my list

Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks
This may be a bit out there for some, however I’ve found it to be the best teachings for the principles of attraction.
Esther channels a spiritual entity called Abraham, hence the subtitle; The basics of the teachings of Abraham.

It may take a few reads for it to really sink in but if you’ve had an interest in attraction and want more of what you love in your life, then start here to begin applying attraction to your own life.

slight edge

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
This is an easy read that shows you how to achieve big success by making small changes on a daily basis.

What I loved about this is how simple it is and that success or any form of change, is about the little steps you take every single day.

Read this if you feel like keep failing or are struggling to get on your path. It will help you to find focus and upgrade your life, bit by bit.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
This book teaches you about how to enjoy the present moment and love life just as it is. We are constantly striving to achieve, but there is so much to enjoy in the now.

There’s a lot to take in but Eckhart does a great job of bringing to light common bad habits of the mind.

If  you want a more fulfilling life filled with contentedness then this is an awesome place to start.

Happy reading & enjoy

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25 Signs That It’s Time To Follow Your Dream

We all have a dream, whether it’s living abroad, sailing a boat, speaking in public or running our own business. There’s something you’ve always wanted to do but for some reason it’s not happened yet.

You could be forgiven for not taking action because the GO signs can quite easily be mistaken for CAUTION or NO ENTRY. Here are 25 signs which mean it’s time to start following your dream.

What are your signs saying?

  1. You secretly feel envious of others who are living their dream
  2. You’re slacking at your job, making mistakes and not really caring
  3. You day dream of escaping, being whisked off your feet or winning the lottery
  4. You think asking for help would be burdening someone
  5. You think you’ve tried to follow your dream before but failed
  6. You feel lost and are waiting for direction
  7. You keep saying “I just want to know what to do”
  8. You’ve lost motivation for the little things in life
  9. You blame anything and everything else for not living your dream
  10. You’re waiting to feel ready
  11. You can find a million excuses to not do it, age, money, family, health etc
  12. Your life feels out of control
  13. Your self care is slacking
  14. You cry more often than feels normal
  15. You spend a lot of time being out getting drunk
  16. You use TV to pass large amounts of time without having to think
  17. You’re not even sure what you’re passionate about anymore
  18. You spend a lot of time analysing and contemplating but not really doing
  19. Your dream feels unachievable 20.Life feels overwhelming
  20. You use shopping to make you feel better
  21. You wish you could have a clean slate to start life over again
  22. You don’t believe you can do it
  23. Deep down you know you have greater potential
  24. Facebook makes you feel crappy rather than happy
  25. Sunday evenings make you feel miserable

The interesting thing about signs is that if you don’t take note of them or follow them you end up going somewhere you don’t want to be and life can decide to take matters into its own hands.

Ever heard of someone really hating their job, always talking about how they want to leave and then being fired or made redundant? Or what about someone who’s always worrying about their partner cheating on them and then their partner cheats? The signs are always there and if you don’t change route to follow them you keep heading in the wrong direction.

Write down one thing that you’ve always dreamed of doing and then think about what signs you’re receiving telling you it’s time to take action.

Then let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear from you, leave your comments below.

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The 3 Life Changing Positives From Your Relationship Break UP

Break ups suck, BUT once you can move past the pain, there are some key positives we can wake up to.

If you focus on these key positive wake ups to your break up, you CAN quickly move to saying “I’m doing great”.

  • You have a blank canvas to design your future.

Ok so the future you had mapped out together is no longer in front of you, but you have the potential to create a new, even brighter future and that’s REALLY exciting.

Q.What did you dream of doing but dismissed it as a possibility because you were in a relationship?
Q.What is more accessible to you now that you are single?

  • There are valuable lessons to becoming a better you.

Relationships are valuable chapters to our life that offer incredible opportunities for growth. You can use these lessons to become a better version of yourself and attract more of what you want into your life.

Q. Why were you meant to experience this relationship now?
Q. What was this person sent to teach you about yourself and your life?

  • You are complete in or out of a relationship.

A lot of the time we seek a relationship to complete ourselves or our lives, but what we need reminding of, is that we were already complete. If we believe a relationship completed us, it WILL tear us in half.

Q. What made you strong and happy before your relationship?
Q. What are your strengths and qualities and what makes you special?

I think that realising you are a whole person outside of your relationship is the most important wake up because it is so empowering to know that we are really good by ourselves, as well as with someone.

Reminding yourself of how amazing you are, getting clear on what you want and your direction in life, WILL fast track you to the “I’ve moved on” phase.

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Can’t get over a break up? Her voice can move you forward Lydia Kimmerling w/ Carly Grace

Going through a break up is just a part of life, we learn so much about ourselves and it can be a real test of character. However when the pain of the relationship is still hanging over your head and you’re struggling to move on, all you wish for when you close your eyes at night is to be able to let go and get on with life.

After speaking with sound healer, reiki master and meditation practitioner Carly Grace, I’ve discovered that the power of her voice has helped many people shift through emotional blockages from life experiences like bad break ups and much, much more.

Carly told me “People come to see me when they are feeling stuck, they have a sense of heaviness from an experience like a break up and they want to move forward. When we hold onto pain it creates a blockage and through using my voice and the power of sound healing I can tap into that space and create an opening that re-connects you back to yourself so that you can find peace, clarity and knowing”

Personally, I only heard about sound healing in 2014 so this is pretty new to me, what was fascinating to hear is Carly’s journey from a selfish lifestyle living in London and working in TV, to finding her half brother on the other side of the world and helping him with his five children, to her life changing experience at Burning Man which led to an incredible journey of Iowaska, sound healing and connecting with Angels.

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