We put chemicals on our food…REALLY? IV by Lydia Kimmerling w/ Nutritionist Lisa Strong

“We put chemicals on our food, R-E-A-L-L-Y?”

This is what our grandchildren will say to us.

I know, when you stop and think about it, it’s just crazy right?

The sheer madness of putting chemicals on our food really hit  home for me when I first heard Nutritionist Lisa Strong and founder of Strong 4 Life, speak at an intimate talk here in Ibiza. She has a practical approach to nutrition and believes in finding a balance and fit that works for you, which is why I pinned her down especially for my Life Cleanse members so that we could chat all things food, energy and self-love.

What are YOUR energy levels like? Are you flagging in the afternoon and grabbing sweet snacks, or maybe you think you’re being healthy but actually you’re not eating enough?

Lisa told me that there isn’t one size fits all and what we really need to do is LISTEN TO OUR BODIES.

Having suffered from alopecia caused by a poor diet when she was younger, she knows only too well the importance of how we fuel our bodies. Now, a full time mum and busy business owner, living her dream in Ibiza and working on and off retreats cooking, sharing and supporting, I was curious to find out how SHE MAINTAINS AND SUSTAINS HER ENERGY.

Lisa says; “Count chemicals not calories”.

Her eyes are bright, she’s passionate and approachable and just before she skips off to yoga, I got some of her secrets to living a vital and vibrant life through the choices we make around food…. some are not as obvious as you may think.

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How to turn feeling sorry for yourself into a positive

Life workouts to keep your heart, mind and soul super fit.

I don’t believe it’s about being positive ALL of the time and I would never tell you to just be more positive. We can’t have one without the other and they are both important.

Somedays we just wake up feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves and instead of beating yourself up about it, you can get out of feel down on yourself more quickly by learning how to love and accept that part of you too. 


1. Watch the video to get CLARITY
2. Answer the question to gain FOCUS
3. Do the exercise to find DIRECTION

1. WATCH THE VIDEO (3:10 minutes)
Being positive all the time is impossible, you can’t have positive without the negative but you can learn to enjoy the negative as well as the positive.


2. ANSWER THE QUESTION (3:00 mins)
Q: What expectations do you hold for yourself that are leading you to feel disappointed?

3. DO THE EXERCISE (8:00 minutes)
1:What situation in your life makes you feel most sorry for yourself e.g. money, love, weight? 2: Brainstorm a list of everything you tell yourself about that situation e.g. “I’ll never meet someone” 3: Take a note of the relation between the amount this dialogue is used and when you feel most low.


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