Use your mind to look and feel younger

Welcome to my weekly “Life Workouts” that keep your mind, heart and soul super fit so that you can make your life even more amazing in just three steps.

1: WATCH THE VIDEO (2:18 mins)
Our thoughts are powerful and what we think about becomes a reality. How are your thoughts changing the way you look and what can you think to make yourself look and feel younger? Watch this video to discover the changes I made when I began to focus on looking old and what I did to make myself look and feel younger…


Q: What would your response be if you heard a friend speak to herself in the same way you speak to yourself when you look in the mirror?

3. DO THE EXERCISE (5:00 minutes)
1: Take note of one thing you always critique on your face; Nose, wrinkles, lips e.g 2: Swap that thought for “I’m so grateful for my nose/wrinkles/lips because…” and find a reason 4: Every time you go to say the negative replace it with gratefulness

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How to forgive and forget so you can move on with life

Life workouts to keep your mind, heart and soul super fit.

When someone’s f’d us off, it can be so darn hard to let it go. We may even play out scenarios in our head about what we’ll say to them when we next see them or struggle to find anything else to talk about when a friend lends us their ear. The problem with this is that any time or energy taken up doing this, is less time and energy given to making your life even more amazing.

So it’s time to forgive, forget and move on, and here’s my tip for doing that quickly and effectively.


1. Watch the video to get CLARITY
2. Answer the question to gain FOCUS
3. Do the exercise to find DIRECTION

1: WATCH THE VIDEO (3:39 mins)
What are you holding onto and thinking about that is no longer serving you? Forgiveness can feel hard but by practicing this quick tool you can learn how to effortlessly forgive, forget and move on with your life…

2. ANSWER THE QUESTION (8:00 mins)
Q: If you forgave that situation from your past that is still causing you grief, what space would it create in your life for something more amazing to happen?

3. DO THE EXERCISE (20:00 minutes)
1: Think about a situation you need to forget about to be able to move on 2: Write a letter to that person that you’ll never send but that outlines how you feel about that situation 3: Tell them that you forgive them 4: Burn the letter

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Have you got a passion to heal? Lydia kimmerling w/ Founder of Soulshine Retreats Ibiza, Soulla Demetriou

For the last 3 weeks I have been speaking at Soulshine Retreats Ibiza and there’s always such a great energy and her passion to help heal is obvious so I wanted to quiz the founder Soulla Demetriou on how she’s doing it.

“Life’s full”  she tells me and “It hasn’t been easy”. Leaving her full time job in the UK to step into her passion of Yoga and running retreats in Ibiza, Italy, Morocco and the Alps, has taken lots of little steps that meant over coming big fears, but it’s totally been worth it.

“Trust your gut and don’t follow shoulds” is what she lives by to keep her moving closer to her dream.

As we get further into the interview I loved hearing how through overcoming her own struggles, Soulla discovered her passion to heal and empower others.

Maybe you have a nagging feeling that you’re here to help others heal and maybe you’re you stuck in a job that’s holding you back from fulfilling that purpose? If so, Soulla’s story, tips and advice will inspire you to make the leap.

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