Cool Idea For Xmas Day

Want to do something a bit different after you’ve pulled your crackers at lunch? Then impress everyone with this cool idea for Xmas day.

Why not create your very own dream jar and ask everyone at the table to write down one dream they’d like to see come true in 2016. Put them in the jar and toast with your favourite Christmas tipple the desires you’ve shared with one another.

It may seem like a small ritual but it has a huge impact. Taking time to intentionally focus on what you want is a powerful act because once you can name it, you can claim. Then add saying it out loud to the mix and you’ve super charged your dream by sharing it with your friends and family.

Allowing yourself to dream big feels good, a bit like when someone says; “If you won the lottery what would you buy?”. Start the conversations about dreams around your christmas table and see what you learn about those you love.

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Want a life you’re excited to wake up to? Lydia Kimmerling w/ Dani Watson

Take glimpse a glimpse at Dani’s Instagram and you’ll know exactly what she’s all about; Sexy and sassy female entrepreneurship. With a passion for branding and finding your clique her 8000 strong followers love what she is doing and I think you will too.

As I started to delve more deeply into her ethos and story there was one line that stayed with me; “Create a life you feel excited waking up to”, and since transforming your life from good to AMAZING is so close to MY heart, I wanted to discover what that meant to her and what she’s doing to help others create that life for themselves.

Looking at Dani you would think she could never have doubted herself but she honestly shared that comparing herself to her peers was one of her biggest blocks, and one of the most common blocks she hears from her clients and readers as well.

Her remedy for comparisonitis? Something you’d be surprised to hear from a social media expert…

In this interview she not only shares her tips for staying focused on yourself but also how she found the time to launch her business while being ins full time job. Plus what she wishes she’d known 10 years ago that will give you the confidence to not follow the money but to follow your heart instead.

This interview is a downloadable MP3; to listen now and to hear the whole catalogue of inspiring interviews that promise to keep you motivated and on track towards living your dream, become a Life Cleanse member today. Click the image below for more info.

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Stop asking “Is this it?” and start saying “THIS IS IT!” – Ibiza 2016

Are you happy…ish, inspired…ish or fulfilled…ish? There’s something fishy about ishy, it’s never quite enough, is it? The feeling that life wants to give you more is great if you know what you want, but what if you can’t figure that out?

Perhaps you dream of:

  • Meeting and marrying the person you love
  • Moving to your dream home or location abroad
  • Finally getting the courage to leave your job
  • Getting a raise or important promotion at work
  • Launching your own business and being your own boss
  • Getting rid of stubborn weight or to stop eating sugar
  • Conceiving after years of trying to fall pregnant
  • Feeling more confident to be the person you want to be
  • Fulfilling an empty feeling and truly loving life
  • Changing your mind-set to think more positively

During this weekend at Atzaro, a stunning spa hotel set in the lush country side of Ibiza where lavender and orange blossom contrast the white Balinese day beds, I’ll guide you through my life changing programme The Life Cleanse; Six steps that show you how to get clear on what you really want, what’s been blocking you from having that in the past and the steps you need to take to make your desires a reality.

Atzaro. Life and Natural.

-Lydia is the most inspirational and positive woman I have ever met.-


This rejuvenating spa weekend is for bright and ambitious women who want to get to know themselves better so that they feel more confident, fulfilled and excited about their future.

Like me, you’ll enjoy growing and stretching yourself to be your best, have a stack of personal development books and want to feel passionate and inspired by your life.

You’re smart so I know you don’t need hand holding but with life stuck at a crossroad you want to know how to find more clarity, direction and focus to create a life of more freedom and fun.



Over six interactive workshops I’ll  share with you everything you need to know to shape a life you feel excited waking up to, every single day.

  • Practical tools to help change negative thoughts into powerful thinking
  • Clarity, direction and focus on where you are now and where you want to be
  • Confidence and inspiration to step into the shoes of the person you want to be
  • An easy to use system that shows you how to fall head over heals in love with yourself
  • A refreshing and cool outlook on making your life better that you can’t wait to shout about
  • Liberation from the knowledge that you know how to create what you truly desire in life
  • How to uncover and overcome fear that has sabotaged you in the past
  • Tools for managing energy levels and dealing with stressful situations
  • A detailed plan you can take home with you that outlines your first steps
  • How to use intuition, attraction and meditation to make the right decisions for your future


  • Six workshops led by Lydia Kimmerling
  • Accommodation at Atzaro Hotel
  • Spa, Gym & Hammam
  • Daily healthy breakfast buffet
  • Yoga class by top Ibiza instructor
  • A guided coastal walk
  • Dinner in Ibiza town
  • Sunday brunch with stunning sea views




  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Car hire
  • Massage and spa treatments
  • Personal training or yoga sessions


£499 for double occupancy

£740 for single occupancy


What’s your relationship to money?

Welcome to my weekly “Life Workouts” that keep your mind, heart and soul super fit so that you can make your life even more amazing in just three steps.

STEP 1: WATCH THE VIDEO (2.28 mins)
Are you going steady with money or are you an cash about to break up? How you feel about money and the relationship you have to it could be stopping you from making the money you want to make. Watch this to discover what relationship you have with money and how that could be effecting your bank bank balance…

STEP 2: ANSWER THE QUESTION: (1.00 minute)

Q: What do you say most often about your money situation and does that have a positive or negative impact on your finances?

STEP 3: DO THE EXERCISE (10.00 minutes)

1: Write down how much you would love to earn 2: Then write down how much you believe you can earn 3: Next write down all the reasons why you think you can’t earn the first figure 4: Finally ask yourself how believing those reasons is holding you back from earning what you’d love to earn

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What Water Can Teach You About Your Ultimate Success

STEP 1: WATCH THE VIDEO (3:26 minutes)

Water has a lot to teach us about flow, letting go and finding our ultimate success. In fact it’s been one of my greatest examples of success. Discover why being more like water could be the missing link to YOUR success.

Q: Which area in your life wants you to be more like water?

STEP 3: DO THE EXERCISE (6.30 minutes)

1: Choose one thing in your life that makes you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall 2: Instead of trying to hit the challenge head on, brainstorm three other ways you could flow around the challenge 3: Choose the way that feels easiest and see what impact that has on your stress levels

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