Transform your whole life with a good night’s sleep – Lydia Kimmerling w/ Sleep Guru Anandi

If you have a nagging feeling that your life needs a shake up, maybe it’s felt stagnant because you’re no longer passionate about your career, your relationship is less fulfilling or your health goals have been laying by the wayside for far too long, before you commit to that big shake up I recommend building a solid foundation first.

Creating change in our lives takes energy and if you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s a really hard ask to request that you be a better version of yourself and self-motivate daily. Transformation takes dedication, dedication requires focus and guess what you need to be able to focus…?

A good night’s sleep!

So why do so many of us struggle with our sleep or think that neglecting this part of our life is ok?

For sleep guru Anadi it’s been a personal journey to sleep recovery. If you’re praying for “just a good five hours” she knows exactly how you feel and it wasn’t until her lightbulb moment while practicing yoga at Sting’s home and in a kind of  “No body puts baby in the corner” airplane lift a la John Travolta in Greece, that she realised what needed to change.

What shifted for her that day could be the same shift you need to rebalance your sleep and upgrade your life. It seems so simple yet so many of us are still settling for just “getting by” when with a few changes, you can really begin to thrive.

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Competition Entry Psychologies and Hay House New Voice 2016


I’d just picked up a pair of Nike Air Max for my boyfriend’s Xmas present from the mansion sized TopShop on Oxford street, and even though my toes were threatening to walk out on me for wearing healed ankle boots to Europe’s busiest high street, instead of taking the cramped Tube with other last minute shoppers, I had an overwhelming desire to walk back to Waterloo station.

…Then THIS happened

It started on Carnaby street mesmerised by disco ball Christmas lights, then got stronger being wistfully carried through China Town by the enticing smell of stir-fry, when smiling at the street performers and giant Chanel N5 perfume bottle on my shortcut via Covent Garden, it hit an all time high.

I had been struck by the most powerful feeling of gratefulness I have ever experienced.

With no idea of what had triggered this gratefulness bomb, I let it fiercely explode so that I was walking with my hands out in front of me, palms turned up and saying out loud;

“I’m so grateful, thank you, THANK YOU”

 Having taken in views of Big Ben and the London Eye after crossing my favourite bridge in London, I arrived at my destination when my phone buzzed with a text message;

“Just saw this and thought of you”

What we want in life comes to us far more quickly when we practice gratefulness for what we already have in our lives, so when I read that Psychologies and Hay House are looking for a fresh new voice for 2016, my surprise gratefulness bomb suddenly made complete sense.

Enjoy my entry and leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you…

Three Big Tips For Creating Your Own Successful Blog – IV by Lydia Kimmerling w/ Health Author Helen Foster

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog but are not sure how to get started and feel afraid that you might make huge mistakes?

Well…when in doubt, speak to someone who’s been there and done that.

Health author Helen Foster has been published eleven times, she’s a blogger who knows all about learning from her mistakes and a health journalist with over 20 years of experience writing for magazines including Stylist, Red and Glamour. I recently caught up with her for a Life Cleanse interview where she shared with me her biggest tips for creating your own successful blog and the moment the path for her blog became as clear as her gin & tonic.

“I was in a pub, crying my eyes out and frustrated that even though my health blog had been successful, it was not what I was seeing succeed everywhere else. I didn’t want to post pictures of me drinking green smoothies all the time, I knew I was more fun than that. I just wasn’t your normal health blog!”

Then, as quickly as you could say “Last orders at the bar” her blog was reborn as; Not Your Normal Health Blog.

Known by experts in her industry as the journalist who has actually achieved balance in her life, Helen has so much wisdom to share around doing what you love to live a life you’re passionate about. Grab her valuable tips so that you can feel more confident starting your own blog and living more of a life you love.

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Redefining success uncovered her purpose – Lydia Kimmerling w/Lauren Armes – founder of Well To Do London

After looking at her boss and realising that the direction they were heading in wasn’t what her heart aspired to, Lauren Armes spent weeks brainstorming all of her passions in life to uncover a new, more fulfilling direction. As the founder of Well To Do London, the rising one stop shop for essential global wellness news, Lauren now gets to be immersed in her passion for all things health and wellness on a daily basis.

As so many entrepreneurs will tell you, it has to start somewhere and if you keep waiting for perfection you may never get started. Lauren created her first logo with Windows Paint, which if you compare to the slick branding that Well To Do now shows off, you can see that she’s been hard at work to create her dream.

As a successful female entrepreneur who gets to follow her passion, manage her own schedule and slip off to her favourite yoga class whenever she likes, I wanted to pick her brains for tips, advice and the challenges she’s had to overcome to get to where she is today.

If you’re looking around your work place wondering “What the hell am I doing here?” but you have no idea what else you’d love to do, then come join Lauren and I for a good old chin wag where Lauren reveals her journey from feeling stuck in a career with no spark, to running London’s leading online health and well-being hotspot.

This interview is a downloadable MP3; to listen now and to hear the whole catalogue of inspiring interviews that promise to keep you motivated and on track towards living your dream, become a Life Cleanse member today. Click the image below for more info.

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