What to do when someone’s opinion makes you doubt yourself

When you’re on a new path working towards something really exciting but you can’t yet see how everything is going to workout, life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball just before the next part of your path becomes really obvious – which can seriously make you doubt yourself.


These bad boys are sent to shake you up a bit and make sure you are on firm ground before you move forward. It can show up as someone’s strong negative opinion or even another really exciting opportunity that you would have killed for before.

In my case, it was a strong negative opinion and it literally happened to me this week. So, I am fresh off of the emotional rollercoaster and out the other side – feeling insanely psyched about my future.

Don’t get me wrong though, I hit a wall. At first it paralysed me in confusion and frustration – I wanted to give up…really, seriously… I thought about giving up on this new venture.


So glad I didn’t because luckily I’ve been here before and I knew that there were a number of steps I needed to take before I threw in the towel.

When this happens it’s really important to not react and to give yourself the time to allow yourself to be shaken up – to keep your feet firmly on the ground while you allow the emotion to move through you, so that you can go full circle and find even more certainty about your direction.

So if you are on a new path and the future looks exciting but you have no idea how everything is going to work out…watch this now so that you are ready for your all important shake up!!

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Could you be saying you’re sorry too much?

I’ve never found it hard to say sorry.

I was brought up with strong values around the word although my child’s interpretation of those values were a little skewed. My parents told me that it didn’t matter what I did as long as I always aplogised – which I took quite literally and did whatever the hell I wanted.

All good as long as I apologise, right?

I’ve come to learn that’s not quite the case and have defined my own relationship with sorry; when I am or am not happy to say it and when I do, the genuine emotion that truly comes with it.

What’s your relationship to this bridge building word? Do you not say it enough or are you saying it too much?

In this week’s video I explore what can happen when we say it too much and how on the surface it manifests as a simple five letter word but underneath the surface it can teach us a lot about how much self-worth we have.

If you have ever felt like there is a block stopping you from going for what you really want, like starting your own business or moving to another country and you can’t put your finger on what is holding you back, this video will shed some insight on what that block could be.

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What supplements are right for you? w/ Nikki Cooper founder Inner Me

I’ve always had a lingering thought that I should be taking more supplements; Fish oil, Evening Primrose or Magnesium are what I hear most regularly, but every time I see a specialist they mention something new and to be honest, I find the whole supplements industry overwhelming.

What’s your supplement routine like? Have you got  a multi-coloured stack of various pills that you know exactly what they’re doing for you or like me, are you avoiding the ever growing supplement shelves too?

It’s just so big, there are so many products and so much different advice that not knowing where to start can quite simply, put you off – cue Nikki Cooper, founder of Inner Me.

If you’re asking “Where do I even start?” Nikki Cooper is the queen of simplifying supplements. In fact, feeling overwhelmed by the industry is what inspired her to make it easier and adding various supplements to her routine has helped her live with Multiple Sclerosis and be a busy working mum.

If you want to grab her tips plus her 30% discount code for Inner Me, join my self-transformation membership today.

Every month I interview wellness experts just like Nikki so that you can learn more about different wellness therapies and be inspired by their stories.

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3 Tips To Love Your Body Even When It’s Not Summer Ready

I was chatting to a friend the other day and she mentioned how she was loving the warm weather but hating her body.

Knowing that summer is coming and the time to reveal parts of your body that haven’t seen daylight for nearly half a year is just around the corner, can feel pretty daunting – enough in fact to provoke a Gerry Springer esque put down match with yourself in the mirror.

But hey sista, ya’ll don’t wonna be wasting yo time on dat s**t!

Watch the video to discover why.

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Why the compliment you received is true

I get seriously cheesy in this video BUT I can’t help it, when I get’a talking about happiness I begin to melt like a warm, gooey cheese Raclette.

How are you at receiving compliments – do you welcome them in or could you be missing out on their full positivity potency?

I love giving compliments but I’ve noticed that I don’t always receive them well. If I don’t believe what the person is saying to me I can put up my compliment defender shield and deflect, deflect, deflect – missing out on a one-time opportunity for a down in one happiness shot.

In this video I get a bit over excited about giving and receiving compliments, talking about how we are missing out on complimentary, right to your door step, happiness, every single day!

If you want to learn how to better receive compliments and make sure that you’re not missing out on an ounce of happiness, join my transformational online membership today.

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