My brexit view, togetherness & empowering your mind with kindness

If you’ve been watching the news lately or following social media, you’ll know that the UK voted out of the EU – brexit. Now in terms of brexit whether you voted ‘in’, ‘out’ or you couldn’t care less because it always rains in the UK and you’re somewhere else in the world, I’ve been left with a feeling of wanting more togetherness – not just for my country but for my life too.

Divides are always painful; relationships, families, companies or countries, but we can all learn something valuable from division, especially when it’s used in Maths. A sum always has the same ending, one number. Even if it’s made up of lot’s of different numbers, as a sum, it is one number.

We are all one and togetherness is empowering.

I had already planned and filmed my video this week prior to the result but in light of the negative thoughts being openly shared on social media, I think it is relevant. So today I want to inspire more togetherness in our lives. What kind thoughts have you already had today…?


In this video I share what I learnt from making a pact with myself to share more of my kind thoughts and one insight that has been an incredible tool for keeping my mind empowered, open and filled with love. Watch now to learn why sharing your kind thoughts can empower not just your friends (or strangers) but yourself too.


I’ll help you explore and discover more of what makes you happy.

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My Kambo frog poison ceremony experience and insights

I can remember coming off of a call five years ago that was with a group of master coaches and thinking that they were so out theeeeere –  and what’s funny is that I guess someone might think that about me now.

Have you heard of the natural healing medicine Kambo frog poison? It’s one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system.

 It’s a short ceremony where the poison of this particular frog that is immune to all disease is placed onto small holes on your skin that are positioned over acupuncture points to help cleanse your mind, body and spirit.

For some, this may sound crazy I know, but when I heard about it I instantly wanted to give it a go and literally within 3 days of first hearing about it, I was having the holes burnt into my skin and puking into a bucket for 30 minutes.

Not everyone’s idea of fun but I loved it and thought you might like to hear about the Kambo frog poison experience and my insights…

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Speaking your truth with Katie Phillips the self-love mentor

The first question I asked Katie Phillips the self-love mentor was “How has your morning been?” and her reply painted a beautiful picture of what self-love looks like in a practical sense. She had listened to her tired mind and body and given herself a much needed lie in, followed by cups of tea and the space to write in her journal.

Sounds idyllic and she definitely walks her talk, yet I also know that if you’re stuck in a 9-5 or have young kids, a morning like Katie’s may seem a million miles away, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear she goes on to explain that self-love is much more than a bubble bath or a massage.

In this mp3 interview Katie Phillips the self-love mentor goes on to share how her life hasn’t always been this way – once a super busy city gal who unknowingly used her big smile to hide destructive inner turmoil, it is evident that the work she has done to truly love herself is why she now has a life that allows her to put self-love first, like taking her mornings slowly for example.

Oh and by the way, Katie has a young child and runs her own business too, so it is possible.

So, if you have ever said; “I know I need to love myself but how?” this interview is for you.

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How to know where to start when there is so much you want to do

If you could change direction in your life right now, what would you want to do?

This question may inspire lots of answers and if you were serious about changing your direction you would need to choose one of those ideas to be able to get started.

But what if you couldn’t decide?

In this video I talk about the number one block that keeps you stuck and going around in circles when  you’re trying to decide what you want next in your future and figure out where to start…

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Always feel like you’re holding life together? I say let it fall apart…

Is your life begging for you to let it fall apart?

That can be a pretty scary question, I know that the idea of letting everything break away at the seams can seem like a crazy idea but it can also be the best thing you ever give yourself the opportunity to do…

In this video I talk about the signs that tell you your life wants to fall apart and one reason why it will change your life for the better. If you’re someone who always feels like they are holding life together, then watch the video watch now

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