How To Fearlessly Quit Your Job


Quitting your job is scary

There’s no two ways about it and it can be too easy to keep saying next month or next year, which if you’ve been thinking about doing something different in 2017, is exactly why I’m giving you these tips now.

Set your intention for 2017… 

Most of us don’t quit our job because we haven’t figured out WHAT WE WANT TO DO NEXT or because we are WORRIED EVERYTHING WILL FAIL

So I want to help you overcome these two blocks RIGHT NOW…

This video is a like coming on a flash mini workshop with me.

I ask you three powerful questions to answer right now and uncover:

1: What it is you would like to do next that will fulfil you
2: What the first step is that you need to take to get there
3: The advice you need to hear right now to feel confident leaving your job

This video is for you if you want to finally find what’s going to fulfil you and fearlessly quit your job this year to make it happen.


I’ll help you explore and discover more of what makes you happy.

Through my six-step Life Cleanse process you will answer the important question, “What will make me truly happy?” You will create a vision and plan for your life that is bigger than you ever thought possible, that will take your life from bronze (or maybe even silver) to gold.


A Full Life Transformation Through Tantra – Ayda Koc

So, if you think this is all going to be about the top ten Tantric sex positions then you’re in the wrong place, but if you want to understand how Tantric Yoga can help you find your true-self and live your happiest life, keep reading.

Ayda was searching for answers and on her quest to live her happiest life found Tanric yoga and a mentor she raves about, this is at least how her journey began and what she is well known for, but what has also led to her becoming an intuitive guide who helps you to find your true-self and live your happiest life.

Can I interview you about intuition? I asked, knowing that she would have some deep wisdom and nuggets of gold to share; Yes but I don’t know what will come up! she replied.

Well, you know that you’ve picked the right interviewee to speak about intuition when they ask for a moment to ground themselves and breath before they start.

Ayda oozes that glowing, I’m comfortable in my own skin, connectedness that sparkles through her eyes and makes you feel at ease with one of her huge smiles and generally I know that you don’t get that year round ‘just been on a 7 day retreat’ look about you if you haven’t done the work on yourself to match.

Most people are put off by the idea of connecting more  to your intuition because they think it will mean yoga, fasting and meditation everyday but Ayda has a much simpler way of looking at it, which when you think about what most of us call our intuition, ‘gut feeling’ – it totally makes sense.

Would you love to know more about Tantra and discover Ayda’s simple tip for connecting to your intuition more? If so keep reading because this is for you.

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