Are you a happiness explorer, just like me?

You’re ambitious, fun, smart and always push yourself to accomplish more in life, except no matter whether it’s more money or more weight loss that you’re pushing towards, it’s never enough and you’re still asking; What will make me truly happy?

Knowing that you’re making the right decisions for your future can be scary, especially when you’re worried that you might fail but I want to let you into a little secret…


It’s not how your life looks that makes it amazing, it’s how well you know yourself and how you feel about what you know that does.

SO TELL ME…WHO ARE YOU?  Confident (more so after a few vinos), with a good job and great friends, but quietly you worry about the future and what other people think of you and you long to feel calm, grounded and content? If that’s not you, it was certainly me, before I hit my huge crossroad at least. 

Have you ever been stuck at a crossroad before?

You know, when you’re asking big questions like What should I do next with my life? Is it too late? Am I good enough? Crossroads are sent to you as a gift. Being at a crossroad means that you’re on the verge of greatness. You just have to be brave enough to step off the edge without knowing how you’re going to land.

Maybe you’re stuck at one now?

If you are, I wouldn’t push you towards yet another goal that left you feeling disappointed, instead I would show you how to let go of the unseen layers of fear, self doubt and worry that are holding you back from being truly happy-wear too many of these layers and you begin to feel trapped.

 No one should feel trapped in their own lives.

A master of crossroads I left school at sixteen, home at seventeen, had five successful careers ranging from television producer to restaurant owner, I got engaged at twenty-one, sold the ring, and moved to London, Greece, Panama, Cornwall, Brighton and Ibiza all before I turned thirty when I hit yet another crossroad, but instead of changing careers, relationships or locations again, experience told me that to feel truly content it was me that needed to change, not how my life looked.

 I stepped off the edge and…

I saw that the layers my life was trapped under were filled with worrying about what others thought of me, hating my body, obsessing over food and exercise, binge drinking, late night partying, compromising in my relationship, being in a job that didn’t fulfil me and doubting my earning potential. Nevertheless, if we had known each other then, I would have told you my life was good.

Most of the people I work with tell me, “Life’s good,” but they are still not happy.

For me, happiness now looks like a successful coaching business helping fellow happiness explorers just like you, transform their lives through my one-to-one coaching, twelve week intensive programme, online happiness explorer subscription, events and retreats. In everything that I offer I am guided by my intuition using coaching, NLP, visualisations and meditation.

This year I teamed up with TV celebrity Ferne McCann (The Only Way Is Essex) as one of McVitie’s Go Ahead! Summer Buddy team of experts, I was named Guru to watch in The Times, I was a runner-up in Hay House and Psychologies magazine’s search for a new wise voice and I’m an expert on their blogging platform LifeLabs.

Now I wake up to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea, take long lunches on the beach, and dance the endless summer nights away in Ibiza listening to my boyfriend DJ.

lydia kimmerling

When we work together I bring:

favicon-16x16 1 x ACC certification with The International Coaching Federation
 2 x Years of some of the World’s best training in America
 400 x Hours of personal meditation and soul searching
 1500 x Hours of life and business coaching experience
 £15’000 x worth spent on developing my own self-growth
 An unlimited desire to see you become truly happy

Wonna get started? Find out how happy your life is by taking the happiness test now

The fun stuff

Where do you live?

I have a base in Ibiza and London. I’ve lived in lots of places, I’d like to try LA or New York next.

What’s your favourite past time?

Going out for dinner on a summer’s night in Ibiza, with a small group of close friends, eating amazing food, drinking wine and dancing the night away to deep house.

What are you really good at?

Napping, dancing like Beyonce and helping people believe in themselves

What’s your favourite food?

Sticky ribs rock my world but anything grown and cooked with love makes me happy.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Jenifer Anniston rom-coms, I love Jenifer Aniston. Or any romantic movies I can cry to.

If you could meet anyone who would it be?

I know you’re supposed to say something really intelligent and unusual here like Ghandi, Einstein or Jesus but I’m not going to pretend, it’s Beyonce.

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