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Hey, Lydia here!

I want for you to feel sure that this is right for you, right now, so I've put together a few questions to help you make the right decision.

Although everyone who takes part in the group programme comes with different life experiences, desires and doubts, you all share the same wants which I have listed below and is why life long friendships and support are an additional bonus when you complete the group programme with me.

Take the three steps listed below and when you have completed them press IS MY TIME AVAILABLE?

1: Fill out your name, email and telephone number so that I can get in touch if there is still space available.

2: Answer YES or NO to the 7 statements below and if you have 5 or more YES, then continue to step 3.

3: Choose your first and second group time choice and then click IS MY TIME AVAILABLE?



Phone Number

I want clarity about my direction in life
I want to get to know myself better
I want to learn how to love myself more
I want to have more self belief
I want to be able to worry less
I want to feel excited, motivated and confident about my future.
I want 2017 to be the year of change for me
What is your first group time choice? [Starting February, Tuesday the 7th 2017 at the same time every Tuesday for 12 weeks - Times are in London GMT]
What is your second group time choice?

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