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Because feeling happy…ish, fulfilled…ish, or inspired…ish, just doesn’t cut it, right? 

If you’re asking the question “What will make me truly happy?” or you feel like there is more out there for you but you can’t put your finger on what that is, it’s time for a Life Cleanse.

I’m Lydia Kimmerling, The Happiness Explorer and by using my six-step Life Cleanse I help you to break the cycle of saying; “I’ll be happy when…I have MORE success…I lose MORE weight…I get MORE Tinder swipes” because true happiness is not about having MORE, it’s about having LESS.

Less of the unseen layers of fear, self doubt and worry that we unknowingly wear to be who we think we should be-wear too many of these layers and we begin to feel trapped in our own lives. No one should feel trapped in their own life.

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“Lydia Kimmerling has been instrumental in helping me push past the blockages that were keeping me in a small place, I’d recommend her to anyone who needs a helpful kick up the backside.”


Anita Bhagwandas – Senior Beauty Editor
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